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David Brega & Douglas Brega: A 25-Year Retrospective Catalog - Hardcover Copy

"A handsome showcase of paintings by identical twins, David and Douglas Brega, this book chronicles the works of each as represented in the 25-year retrospective, DAVID BREGA AND DOUGLAS BREGA: OIL & WATER. This comprehensive collection of 66 paintings, loaned from public and private collections throughout the United States, formed the basis for the show which originated at the Springfield Museum of Fine Arts in Springfield, Massachusetts, and culminated at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum in St Joseph, Missouri.  The addition of documentary photographs and an insightful introduction by noted author, Anita Shreve, enhances our understanding of these two very unique individuals who are exhibiting their work together for the first time."

Oil & Water Catalog (Hardcover)

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